Holiday Camp to become first ecological prison in UK

The Solicitor General and Wigston MP, Edward Garnier, has succeeded in stopping a planned 360 place new prison build, for young offenders,  at Glen Parva in his own constituency. There will be those who might accuse him of being a NIMBY.

The economic downturn has meant cutbacks and savings are needed all over the place. A cheaper, equivalent number of adult prison places will instead be provided elsewhere. According to the MoJ: “This forms part of the £325m that the Ministry of Justice will contribute to the savings of £6billion for this financial year (2010-2011), as announced by the Chancellor, Gideon Osborne,  earlier this week”.

Edward Garnier, has said: “We need to be more imaginative about how we treat offenders within the criminal justice system”.

This got me thinking. Nobody can accuse me of being a NIMBY. Now I know there are those who claim that our prisons are already holiday camps, so why am I supportive of the plans to turn a place in Richmond, North Yorkshire, in my own constituency, into an adult prison?

The guidebook states that Lindale Holiday Park, near Bedale, is:

A peaceful site set in the rolling hills of lower Wensleydale, convenient for visiting the dales and many local attractions. There are holiday caravans and lodges available for sale. There are holiday lodges with private spas available for hire. The park is open all year.

The many trees and shrubs on the park give privacy, seclusion and beauty to the site . In this beautiful environment you will find a tranquil holiday haven in complete empathy with its picturesque country surroundings.

To ensure peace and quiet Lindale Holiday Park is free of distractions, there is no club or bar and no touring caravans leaving you free to relax in a rural idyll“.

It is without doubt eco-friendly. Therefore, ideal for the first ecological prison in the country. It maybe a new concept for us in the UK, however, there is a successful working model already in existence in Norway.

Obviously such  a prison would be low security, and Kenneth Clarke and I have reached an understanding that only those prisoners who have successfully completed a course on Anger Management or Sex Offender Treatment Programme will be transferred to what will be called Dale’s View Prison.

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My Life My Home in Sao Paulo in Brazil

Did anybody watch the BBC 10 O’ Clock News last night? I was particularly interested in the report from Sao Paulo in Brazil. From the hill top slum “The view out is fabulous, the view in not so much”. Whilst it is a good idea to provide decent, cheap housing for the poor I suspect that it has nothing to do with improving the lot of the poor. And more to do with clearing the slum area and relocating the poor elsewhere, to build expensive apartment blocks so that only the rich can then be able to afford the view out from the hilltop!

Location, location, location…

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Has the House of Lords become a dumping ground?

David Cameron sees the need to rebalance the House of Lords to enable him to get legislation passed. Between the LibCons coalition it is intended to create 100 new peers. Dolar Popat has donated over £200,000 to the Conservative party, and in the time honoured tradition of cash for peerages is entitled to receive a return for his investment. And, to keep the Sun and its readers happy Helen Newlove is to be made a baroness. She is being rewarded because her husband was kicked to death, and she blamed Broken Britain as being responsible for this, and also campaigned with David Cameron in Bolton during the election campaign.

I don’t know, I just got the vision in my head of lorries dumping waste in a landfill site.

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When Irish eyes are smiling at the backward British

I wonder how many others have smiled at seeing Richmond’s Thick Irish Sausages? Apparently, it is no longer PC and they are now simply called Richmond’s Thick Sausages.

Which leads me neatly onto this interesting topic.

Judicial review in Ireland

There were important missed opportunities in the early development of judicial review of legislation in Ireland.

“The judicial power of the high court shall extend to the question of the validity of any law having regard to the provisions of the Constitution.”

I have never been satisfied with the idea that we have an “unwritten” constitution, and I think Labour missed a good opportunity to allow judges to have more power under the HRA 1998. Under Labour Parliament lost the moral authority to govern. And the Executive, particularly Charles Falconer and Jack Straw, acted as though above the law.

Our problem is that we live too much in the past, thinking of glorious bygone days of British Empire. I wonder where we would come in the league tables of 47 Member States in the Council of Europe or 27 in the EU? I suspect, given the anti-Toryism in Europe, we would come somewhere near the bottom in both of them.

My task is to score points to get us into the near top of the Premiership.

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A man after my own heart

It is not acceptable that taxpayers should continue to bear the heavy cost of rescuing the banking sector,” Mr Barnier said. “They should not be in the front line. I believe in the polluter pays principle.

“We need to build a system which ensures that the financial sector will pay the cost of banking crises in the future.

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Open letter to David Miliband: Have you forgotten something?

The wags in the office claim that this is what David Miliband left behind

David Miliband's Banana republic

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David Miliband: Not fit for purpose!

I suspect that James Macintyre is guilty in relation to judgment/judgement in his article referring to David Miliband attacking me.

He probably meant to say judgement and not judgment here: “Finally, Miliband said that while Hague was good at “jokes” his new job would, “for the first time in a long time”, require him to have “judgment””.

What a shame that David Miliband did not show better judgement over CIA torture flights taking off and landing on British soil when he was Foreign Secretary. Had he done so, then perhaps “Sir Igor Judge, the lord chief justice; Lord Neuberger, the master of the rolls; and Sir Anthony May, president of the Queen’s Bench” would not have passed judgment upon him!

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